How to Make Coconut Cream


coconut cream

Coconut cream is creamy, fatty and super delicious. Thankfully, learning how to make coconut cream yourself is a simple process one, so you can make your own coconut cream anytime you want.

How to make Coconut Cream from fresh Coconut Milk

In order to get fresh homemade coconut cream, you first need some fresh homemade coconut milk. Instructions on how to make coconut milk.

Once you have your coconut milk, the process is super simple. Refrigerate your coconut milk until it separates. This takes at least a couple of hours.

Once the separation has occurred, gathering your coconut cream is as simple as scooping it off the top of the coconut milk. Since the cream is full of fats, it sits on top of the milk, making it super convenient for you to collect.

How to make Coconut Cream from Canned Coconut Milk

You can also gather coconut cream from canned coconut milk, using this same process.

Start by purchasing a good brand of coconut milk. The only ingredients should be coconut milk and maybe water. Some brands put stabilizers into the coconut milk to keep it from separating. Since you want to harvest the coconut cream, you want a can of coconut milk that can separate.

Next, place your can of coconut milk in the refrigerator and leave it there overnight.

In the morning, flip the can upside down and open it up. You should see a milky white liquid on top.

coconut cream in can opened with liquid on top

Separated coconut milk in a can.

Pour the liquid off the top and below you will find the coconut cream.

coconut cream liquid off the top of the cream

Coconut cream in the can after the liquid has been poured off.

Scoop it out and now you have your yummy coconut cream.

Looking for somewhere to use your freshly harvested coconut cream? Try out these coconut milk ice cream recipes or these coconut cream recipes.


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      Please refer to the first section labeled “How to make Coconut Cream from fresh Coconut Milk” to make coconut cream from your freshly made coconut milk.


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